Coming soon: Mental Health 1-3 and Unconscious Biases

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Leadership is a complex field. Learn about the basics and common topics in scientific settings in this class. We'll look at lateral leadership, at feedback and feed forward, at classic theories and specific steps you can take to develop your own leadership profile.

Agile is one of the most important aspects of New Work. Like science, it is based in humanism, fast learning and discovery. In this class, learn how to apply agile in academia.                                              Course details:- Scientific background to Agile
- Approaches for Agile in scientific settings in the context of research and science - Agile mindset and challenges
- Overview of common agile frameworks (Scrum, eduScrum, Design Thinking, Kanban, OKR, agile meeting design)
- Agile in everyday life: leadership, organization, values and concrete ways of working
- Literature and workbook with concrete exercises

Science needs to be presented - be it at an international conference, a group meeting or a TED talk. In this class, we adress the most important aspects of public speaking and the art of science presentation.                                                Course Details:- Be prepared for a scientific presentation
- Know all essential aspects of presentation and independently improve them through specific exercises
- How do I address an expert audience, inspire them, get my content across clearly and achieve a long term effect?
- Clear language, appropriate body language, confident appearance
- Dealing with questions and being prepared for stage fright and stress

In this class, you find an overview of time management techniques and their scientific background. All seven nuggets are included plus helpful advice on mindset and self-care. Watch this deep dive to learn seven different approaches to time management, each one dealing with a different aspect of time management.

Identifying stressful situations and understanding the psychological and physiological background is an import part of mental health. In this class, we reflect on how you deal with stressful situations and can implement intervention measures for your own performance and psychological well-being. Learn how toapply three successive steps for reducing stress effectively and how to apply them.