Active Listening in Interpersonal Communication

Have you ever been distracted while someone was talking to you? Have you found yourself talking without really being aware of what the other person is saying? Taking an attentive approach to a speaker's verbal and nonverbal forms of interpersonal communication can make interactions more meaningful and effective. Active listening is a communication technique that consists of giving the speaker free and undivided attention. Although this may seem like a simple skill on the surface, it rarely occurs in everyday conversations because people tend to focus more on their opportunity to speak. Active listening, on the other hand, is a demanding task that requires intense focus on what the speaker is conveying or trying to convey. In this eLearning Nugget, we'll show you how to use the technique.
Course details:

  • Learn about non-directive conversation and Empathy
  • How to apply Active Listening: a step-by-step guide
  • The Science behind “Active Listening”

Lessons: 7
Length: 30min
Course type: Nugget